Securing the Farmer’s Supply Chain

GleTech provides a secure mobile platform to enable universal access to market for a curated food producing supply chain in Africa.


Our Mission

GleTech aims to curate and connect vetted agri-food value chain & supply chain actors with smallholder farmers in Africa on a mobile platform.

Inside Greenhouse


We make it easier to exchange agricultural cargo across borders in Africa.. 


We want to help you grow your customer base. As the world’s supply chain for agricultural goods expands, it is crucial to have a single point of communication for farmers to connect with potential clients. One of our projects here at Gletech is to build a platform where you can share your harvest details with clients at the push of a button.


Merchants need to have access to multiple suppliers. Recent times have shown the dangers of relying on a single source for goods, so we want to connect you with numerous local farmers in case of economic downturns. With GleTech, you will be able to search for quality goods through easy interactions.

Truck Car Park

The world is becoming more connected every day, and the logistics for managing those connections are becoming ever more complicated. GleTech’s platform works with carriers to streamline the logistics process allowing you to automatically submit order details, set delivery routes, and receive real-time freight management services.


GleTech is dedicated to making a lasting impact for stakeholders involved in agricultural exchanges. Learn more about us and see how you can get involved.

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Work with us to strengthen African logistics and warehouse solutions

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