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Our Projects

Kèkè Logistics

Kèkè Logistics is an online mobile platform created to ease scheduling logistics services from point A to B. The service is accessible on iOS and Android devices and is available to countries in West Africa and beyond. With headquarters in Cotonou, Benin, our team is constantly working on making our services better and more intuitive. The application is simple in design and uses to ensure that all stakeholders with all technical capabilities can take advantage of our services. 


Financial Lending

Lending institutions are overly formal and difficult to access for the regular small business person and entrepreneur. Usually, lending practices include stringent parameters to follow and rigorous checks that make taking a loan extremely tough. Because of this lack of access, many businesses are incapable of starting, let alone scaling, despite their best efforts. GléTech wants to change this reality and provide individuals and small businesses access to loans. Using the data collected from our other projects, we can give Gletech users proof of their financial histories. This financial history is critical to fill out loan applications. We use the data we collect from our users to benefit them directly. GléTech aims to partner with financial institutions to create solid connections that allow users access to these financial institutions with less hassle and paperwork. 

Market Prediction

Knowledge and research can be hard to find on the ground. GléTech aims to spread the knowledge we gather among our users. We want them to have everything they need to succeed in their business endeavours. Our goal is to use third-party data and aggregate that with the information we gather on our projects to develop highly predictive models that farmers can use when pricing crops and other agricultural goods. This ensures they remain competitive in the market and allows them to have another advantage in running their business by partnering with GléTech. 

Stock Market Graph
Harvesting Crop Field

Farmer Training and Certification

GléTech is constantly working with agronomists and running research into global farming practices to provide our users and GléTech partners with the best and most up-to-date practices. Going forward, we look to create online training courses and certification programs to help farmers make the most out of their harvests. We also look forward to running on-the-ground training to give farmers a hands-on experience of the material we provide. 

Coming Soon: Programs
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