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CEO and Founder

Ulrich has 7 years of professional experience in finance and operations management.
He holds an Executive Data Science Management Certificate from John Hopkins University, and two degrees in Finance and Managerial Economics from respectively Suffolk University, and CNAM-Paris.


Project Manager (Benin Republic)

Akpedje is an engineer, with 10 years work experience. During that time, she worked as an IT consultant for Capgemini (France), Project Manager, and Database Manager. She is back in Benin Republic, with the desire to contribute to the economic development. She strongly believes that she can achieve that goal and have a big impact, working with GléTech.


Head of Operations (Benin Republic)

Operations Director, and Postharvest Consultant Guy bring to bear key experience at the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA; part of CGIAR), the World Food Logistics Organizations, and the Postharvest Education Foundation.
He is an agronomic engineer and a specialist in plant protection and horticulture. Guy advises, trains and develops solutions in horticulture, plant protection, postharvest management, and processing and food safety.
He is a versatile professional who conducts data processing and analysis, and monitoring and evaluation operations.


 Lead Developer (Benin Republic)

Stephane has an extensive professional experience with applications development. He holds degrees in IT , and English. He is an Android Developer with specialization in Android Studio, NetBeans, Visual Studio, Java, C# (WPF), C++, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQL Server & Microsoft Access.


Head of IT

As a TECH engineer for GleTech, Stephane manages and coordinates all the IT and software development. Stephane has an extensive IT background in the banking industry; over the course of the last twenty years, he has occupied multiple roles and engineering responsibilities in systems, databases, projects and resource management.