GléTech, LLC

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GléTech provides an AI and Blockchain SaaS platform to support the entire supply chain with a secure and highly functional online marketplace. 

GléTech solutions delivers:​

  • Universal access to markets (local & international)

  • Secured transactions

  • Buyer & seller financial identity

  • Traceable operational Support for goods

  • Sustainability

  • Quality control

Born and raised in Benin Republic, a historically rich country in West Africa, Ulrich moved to the United States a couple years ago with a purpose. The purpose of finding a long term solution to one of the most prevalent issues that ravage Benin Republic and most western African countries: inadequacy between supply and demand of agricultural products, driven by food price fluctuations every season and a fragile economy.

His desire to make a change and empower the people of his country, led him on a quest to study the problem. He was astonished upon uncovering the amount of agricultural waste happening during product transportation from the fields to the market. Based on his studies he noticed that theses inefficiencies and loses were caused by a fragmented supply chain, a lack of access to training and pertaining information. He was then compelled to develop a solution that leverages technology.

GléTech was born out of the need to fix and provide more efficient, sustainable solutions to the agricultural problems occurring on the African continent. GléTech's technologies aim to provide food security in Benin Republic and ultimately all over West Africa.