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Our Clients



Streamline Your Logistics

Logistics operators have to work on a very unsteady and unreliable work structure. Many times transports are booked on the go, making it hard for logistics providers to pre-schedule and organise their business effectively. GléTech wants to eliminate the ad hoc scheduling and payment procedures that have been modus operandi thus far and instead formalise scheduling practices so that all stakeholders can benefit from a more coordinated and efficient supply chain. GléTech works directly with distributors to understand their needs and create solutions that have them in mind. Together we can transform the logistics sector in Africa, increase its efficiency, and improve the input and output needed to run seamlessly.


Easy Logistics for Hassle-Free Transactions

Merchants cannot sell goods they do not have in hand. They need to ensure that they keep a steady supply of goods always on hand and on schedule. GléTech helps merchants have access to all the goods they need in one place. That drastically reduces the time they need to spend making connections with potential clients and facilitates their process. Moreover, with an easy-to-use platform for finding goods and a secure platform to schedule their logistics, we aim to reduce their responsibilities and allow them more free time to spend with their loved ones and scale their businesses. 



Simplicity, Efficiency, and Sustainability

Agriculture has been the largest sector for most African countries for a very long time. Unfortunately for farmers, it runs in a complex and unintuitive way. Until now. GléTech aims to change all that by focusing its work on creating useful tools for farmers to simplify their non-growing tasks and ease the uncertainty they experience when conducting business with other stakeholders part of the agricultural supply chain.


At the heart of our mission is to create tools that help and simplify work for farmers. Tied to that is to innovate tools that render farmers more efficient and help reduce waste along their supply chain.

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