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Our value is in simplifying the supply chain from farmers to buyers. We empower farmers, increase production yields, and building trust, through an efficient support system that will produce quality crops for the market, encourage the adoption of sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques, and work toward achieving food security.  

Buyers and retailers, backed by our cold chain solutions and AHI, get more volume, reliability, transparency, and reduced costs.

Farmers – from isolation to full connectivity

We are in the business of reducing food waste from the harvesting spot to the retailer. With our solutions, farmers move from price takers to price makers; from basic farmers to sustainable farming experts; and build a strong financial profile. We help farmers build their trust, and prepare the next generation of farmers.

Wholesale Buyers/ Retailers/ Consumers – enjoy higher quality 

Our Cold Chain Solutions will enhance food quality and preservation. Through our marketplace platform, we are modernizing agro-food value chain information and transactions.The result is an increase in quality of the supply, reducing costs, building trust, certifications for ethical purchase, and transparency in supply chains. 

Suppliers – unlock new markets

Access to a new market of smallholders for sales and marketing on our platform.

Policy-makers, commodity traders and banksreduce risk

Collect and broker data that Investors and policy-makers can use for a more accurate prediction of production levels. Reduce risky lending to financial partners.

Environmental – improved outcomes

Curated sustainable farm advisory services lead to the adoption of precision agriculture, which in turn reduces pesticide and synthetic fertilizer application. Regenerative methods leads to ecosystem services. 

Government – achieve food security

Increase food production.

Meet demand.

Opportunity for export.

Food safety alerts are more easily disseminated.